Your Partner in Success for Over 25 Years

Since 1989, Sequoia has delivered our real-world experience in plant systems analysis, supply chain improvement, engineering, asset management, sourcing and procurement assistance to energy industry and government clients. Electric power and other energy industry and government clients count on Sequoia for proven solutions. Sequoia is dedicated to helping our clients by streamlining business process and improving operational performance, as well as by mentoring management teams during critical strategic events. A leader in issues management and nuclear energy plant practices, Sequoia’s expertise ranges from inventory optimization studies and procurement engineering to end-to-end supply chain process redesign. Clients turn to – and return to – Sequoia because its team members are reliable, recognized industry specialists in dealing with the issues our clients face.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients succeed through their challenges to promote a safe and growing nuclear industry. We strive to build and maintain strong client relationships based on honesty, consistency and flexibility and stick to our values to deliver quality solutions.

FOCUS Maintaining a constant, unceasing focus on client’s needs and solving problems.
TRUST Keeping client’s best interests in mind without hidden agendas or misguidance.
VALUE Value Controlling costs to deliver quality products at compelling prices.

Key Staff Members

Seeing beyond your challenges sometimes takes a new perspective - one with unparalleled experience. Sequoia consultants work with some of today’s leading energy companies. Dedicated, highly experienced professionals, they have the vision to see the solution - and the commitment to get you there.

Meet the Team...